Susan Denise Sinclair (née Del Bello) (born July 21, 1980), better known by her stage names Su Su and Suzy Q Rock, is an American singer, rapper, and songwriter.

Life and career

Early life

Susan was born Susan Denise Del Bello on July 21, 1980 in Manvel, Texas to Betty Whistler and Michael Del Bello. After her birth, she was raised by her mother and father in Manvel, and the family eventually moved to Alvin, Texas. When Susan was just nine years old, things did not work out for parents Michael and Betty, so they divorced each other.

In the early 1990's, Betty re-married to Louis Whistler, when Susan was 10 years old. She lived with Betty for until she was old enough to go to college. Su Su went to college for one full year, until dropping out, and then getting several jobs until she worked at RDA, where she met Steven Sinclair in 2000. The two dated until eventually getting married in the early 2001.


Susan with her son michael.

On January 26, 2003, Michael Sinclair was born to Susan and his father, Steven. They lived in a house when the income from both working jobs was coming in, until eventually were unable to afford the house, and moved to various apartment complexes.

Unfortunately, soon after moving into Baystone Apartments in 2009, the couple eventually divorced and Michael lived with his father Steven. Susan stayed at the apartment complex until she could afford to move out. She then moved into an apartment complex. Michael would come over to Susan's place every Friday to spend time with Susan.

Su Su is currently working as a security officer. She has alot of experience working in that field, and will continue to work their until she has enough money to go back to college. She hopes to get a Ministry degree. Su Su does music as a part time job.



As lead artist

Title Year Album
Solitaire Flush 2017 Non-album Single
Queen of Hearts 2017 Trivial Matters
Queen of Hearts 2016 46

As featured artist

Title Year Album
Let's Go====== (Embis featuring Su Su) ====== 2017 Prototype


Title Album details
Trivial Matters (Deluxe Version)
  • Released:2017
  • Label: Roll With It Records
  • Formats: CD, Digital download